It costs money to keep our Pack active, roughly $100 a year per Scout. Most of Pack 32's income comes from our annual popcorn sale.

Popcorn Sale


Information on the popcorn sale is available from the Bluegrass Council website, including


The Council also has a list of key dates related to the sale. You may begin selling immediately, but should let customers know that the product won't be available until October, at the earliest.

Common Questions

Do I need to take payment when the order is placed?

Yes, you should try to collect payment with orders. Sometimes, this isn't possible. However, not collecting the payment can ultimately make the Pack liable for the loss.

To whom should checks be written?

For popcorn sales, checks should be written directly to "Pack 32".

Does my son need to wear his uniform?

Yes. Scouts should be in uniform when selling door-to-door or at a booth.