Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do you meet?
The Dens (a group of boys in the same grade/age) usually meet on Thursdays at Versailles Baptist Church, though this is up to the individual Den Leader, and may vary a bit as Dens go on outings. Family members are encouraged to participate with their sons or wait at the church for the hour. For our youngest Dens, the Tigers (1st graders) and Lions (Kindergartners), "Adult Partners" are a necessary part of the Den Meetings.

The Dens meet together as a Pack, typically at the end of a month, to award and celebrate accomplishments. Families are encouraged to attend.

When can I sign up?
Cub Scouting is a year-round program. Join at any time! We welcome interested boys and their families to join us at any of our regular Den or Pack meetings. There's no requirement to commit or sign-up before seeing how much our program has to offer.

Does Pack 32 allow girls?
Please see this notice regarding our decision on BSA's Family Scouting expansion. If you have a daughter interested in joining our Pack, please let us know, so we can better understand the demand.

Does my son need to come to every meeting?
We know you're a busy parent. We're busy parents, too. While we'd love for our sons and Scouts to not have to miss out on anything, we also know that our meeting time sometimes conflicts with other athletic or academic activities.

Attending every meeting is encouraged, but not required to be a Scout. It is still possible for a Scout to earn the adventure loops and rank badges for his Den, though there may be some work he must complete at home. Earning rank badges is the yearly goal for each Den, but is not a requirement of any Scout for further Scouting. For example, a Scout does not need to earn his Tiger rank as a first grader in order to continue Cub Scouts in the second grade.

How much does Scouting cost?
Every year, a Scout will need to purchase a handbook ($17) and pay a registration fee of $67. Scouts registering for the first time will pay a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the current year and then renew with the rest of the Pack in late fall.

Scouts also need a uniform (approximately $65, see below), but the uniform will last multiple years. When he registers, a Scout is given a Pack 32 t-shirt that he can wear on Pack outings and many other group activities. The uniform is necessary for Pack meetings, parades and other formal or public events.

There will be other costs through the year. Most of these are optional, and include model rocket, Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta and/or Space Derby kits; and other off-site activities, like lock-ins and some (but not all) camping locations. Dens may collect Den dues and/or Den outings may have a small cost.

Financial aid is available to help ensure that any boy wanting to be in Scouting has the opportunity to do so. Scouts are able to earn their registration fee for the following year by selling a certain amount of popcorn in our yearly fundraiser.

What's required for the "Class A" Cub Scout uniform?
Uniforms come in many pieces. Everything is available from the Blue Grass Council Scout Shop, where your Scout will be able to try it on, and the staff will be able to answer all your Scouting questions. Items are also available online from ScoutStuff. A detailed list of uniform components, with prices, is available in this document.
The uniform consists of
  • blue (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) or khaki (Webelos) shirt
    TIP: To get as much out of this as you can, buy this shirt as big as your child can comfortably and safely wear it.
  • Den rank neckerchief and slide
  • BSA "World Crest" emblem
  • Pack designation numbers ("3" and "2")
  • Blue Grass Council emblem
  • Den designation number (listed here)
  • Webelos Scouts will need their "colors" (a set of three tassels to be worn on the shoulder)
  • belt and buckle

Do not purchase any rank (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos) emblems. Those must be earned by the Scouts.

Everything else is optional. With regard to hats, please keep in mind that as a matter of respect, hats are not to be worn indoors, so their use within our Scouting program is limited.

Emblems may be sewn on to the shirt, or affixed with Badge Magic, available at the Scout Shop or online.

Where is the Scout Shop?
The shop is located at 2134 Nicholasville Road. This is on the east side of Nicholasville Road, between Zandale and Southland. It's a U-shaped building with red, clay tile shingles. If you're traveling inbound on Nicholasville Road, it's on the right shortly after you pass Fazolis.