Family Scouting

Our Pack Committee and our Chartering Organization, the Kiwanis Club of Versailles, have decided not to expand our Pack to include girls under the current Family Scouting rules.

There were several reasons for this decision. Primarily, we are hesitant to strain relations with the Girl Scout Troops that already serve our community.

Secondly, the current implementation of Family Scouting requires dens to be separated by gender. Making Pack 32 coed means doubling the number of dens, which require additional space and volunteers.

Finally, there has been little interest in Family Scouting from existing Pack families. Without demand, there is no rationale for us to find the additional space or recruit and train the additional volunteers necessary. If you'd like to contribute feedback, you may do so with our contact form.

We know there are girls that love adventure. Pack 32 has been, and remains, a family program. Even if the dens are not coed, sisters are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our campouts, hikes, Pinewood Derbies, rocket launches and other Pack events and outings.

Both the Committee and our Chartering Organization are willing to revisit the decision if the Family Scouting policies are modified to remove the requirement of separating dens by gender.

Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Shewmaker,
Cubmaster, Pack 32